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msgHousemates shared concerns about equality with Big Brother in the diary room, with Sipe stating that housemates were not viewed equally. For her part, she told Big Brother that she refused to dance to anyone else’s tune. Butterphly was also not happy with inequalities, admitting to Biggie that she felt housemates doubted her abilities when it came to the task. Stanzas for their task poem had been randomly assigned and when she had received the closing stanza, people started asking her whether she could manage it.

The freeze game was throwing off Ellah, who said she did not know which was scarier: the probability of losing control because she wanted to laugh or being scared out of her mind at some of Biggie’s distractions, like the fearsome clowns and personified death housemates had been subjected to. But most housemates were enjoying it and loving one another’s reactions. Watch them talk to Biggie about freezing here:

The effect of the shift of power with a new Head of House was something which Permithias had noticed. He pointed out that certain people were feeling alone, but cliques were also forming. The Head of House himself, Idris, said the medallion (and namely his reign over the house) was not weighing him down, but was heavy on other people. But he told Biggie he was not going to apologise for trying to get things done.

Amongst all this enmity, JJ had a different story, telling Big Brother that housemates were starting to give each other a chance to speak up. Biggie, however, seemed doubtful. Do you think the housemates are treating one another unfairly and forming cliques?


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