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m 262For the past few weeks, it should have been easy for anyone to notice the growing bond between Samantha and Idris and both Hotshots have not shied away from expressing how happy they feel in each others company. Your guess as as good as mine, both share the same sentiments when it comes to their relationship.

During her diary yesterday, Samantha was asked about how her relationship with Idris was coming along and she never minced any words: “Idris makes me laugh and when I laugh I’m happy. That’s why we are so close. I really appreciate that. He’s always looking out for me and am also always looking out for him.”

It’s evident that the pair are having the fun of their lives going by the way they break their ribs at their own jokes.

Meanwhile, Goitse also shared with Biggie that currently, her relationship with Idris was way better than the previous weeks ” Compared to last week, we are almost getting there. We now sit down and talk. He’s always there for a hug or kiss.” It should be noted that she’d previously complained about Idris trying to seek for her attention yet he never came up to her to sort things out, now that Idris came clean, it all seems good.

From the two ladies’ diaries, it’s pretty clear that idris’ game and behavior in the house had tremendously improved after a shaky start and now that he’s the HoH, this will help him mingle more with other housemates and get to know them better.

What do you think about Idris’ game by far?

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