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Some how, English football has become a part of life down here in Africa and it has nothing to do with band wagon effect, or Neo-colonialism, it’s just that we all love the beautiful game and how those brothers that side organize it.

Maria Nepembe; a former housemate at Big Brother Africa 2013, is one disgruntled Manchester United fan.
For those green about football, Manchester United is a top English Premier League club in the top flight, they are currently 5th of the 20-team table and on the verge of losing out on a Champions slot with a game to go, this comes after they were beaten hands down by West Ham United in a 5-goal thriller last night.
Maria expressed her dissatisfaction on social media…
I’m so heart broken. I need a hug.

— Maria *RIA* Nepembe™ (@MariaNepembe) May 10, 2016

Is ManU my boyfriend?? Why do I feel this way??? I don’t get it. Why the emotional attachment???

— Maria *RIA* Nepembe™ (@MariaNepembe) May 10, 2016

The mistake we united fans make is to watch …. Just sleep and check scores later

— ULOM (@ulomaramma) May 10, 2016

I wish I was more like my little brother to be honest. Just goes where the wind blows to.. Unbothered and disloyal.

— Maria *RIA* Nepembe™ (@MariaNepembe) May 10, 2016



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