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extraThe chilly weather has somewhat made housemates a little lazy for a bigger part of the day but still the Extravaganza preparations had to go on as the presentations are looming.

Butterphly from Team B has been busy at work for most of the day with Idris working on his script and Trezagah joining in after waking up to contribute an idea or so. As the trio went about their rehearsals, Nhlanhla chose to steal a nap on the couch. To probably get her story line away in time and without other housemates’ destruction, Butterphly retreated outside to perfect her lines while Idris and Trezagah remained indoors and worked on their own characters.

Big Brother has been kind enough to provide housemates with instructors, props and all they need to prepare well for the Extravaganza which will see them showcasing their skills in singing, dancing, acting and writing. As if that wasn’t enough, Nigerian actor and activist Desmond Elliot was also brought in and he shared valuable ideas with the housemates.

Unlike the previous weeks where the winning team won immunity, this week is a little different as the winning team members will instead be rewarded with messages from their loved one back home.

With the Extravaganza presentations on this evening, which team will take the prize home?

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