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She and her sister were the first to be introduced by Ik on stage. I was bedazzled to be honest and I remembered lee, the Cape Town coloured boy standing next to me telling me to concentrate on rapper J.Cole as he performed his monster hit “Can’t get enough” live on stage.
I told the dude that I hadn’t seen such flawless beauty before and all he could tell me was to wait until the show ended so i could visit him and Keagan in Cape Town and see the kind of women his streets had.
I promised him i would but for now my head was on this Botswana lass with a sweet ass. As we were being ushered to the big brother house officially, one of the girls slipped in her heels just behind me and almost fell on me, I held her and took her heels and carried her on my back. She wasn’t Eve. It was Yadel from Liberia!
I asked her name and she told me a crooked one ‘Yadel’. Where do people get these names? I wondered, still do. My name makes sense, Yadel doesn’t. It’s not about its uniqueness; it is more about its weirdness! All the same i loved her energy though i didn’t see myself with her, well sexually.
I love West African women don’t get me wrong but I prefer them yellow! My mum once warned me off yellow women, I have refused to listen ever since!
First night was probably one of the craziest days of my short life. You could tell from the look on housemates’ faces that the Stargame was about to become a very big problem to parents who watched with their kids.
I thought I was good with curse words until I met Wati from Malawi, Keagan from South Africa and Zainab from Sierra Leone. These kids were unruly, my gosh, this was the worst company ever and i loved it! I fit right in. This was literally when it kicked in that Janet and I had to work extra hard to stay in that house. We went to the house with no exact strategy but these people we met needed one!

It took Jannette and I a whole week to study the situation and know how to play the game we had come to play. This was the true case of survival for the fittest.
She, being the smallest of the girls in the house, we agreed we had to use that to our advantage. She just had to act vulnerable all the time and the lads would love her.
So even if our names were dropped by Biggie that we were nominated that week, we would still survive since the new friends we had in the house would automatically translate into votes from their home countries.
Jannette did that very well as i also worked on my strategy. Be good to the girls. Take my time to strike however much I felt for eve. It didn’t occur to me that someone else could actually be eyeing the same girl.
Truth be told, my experience with women was still way on the low side. We drank all night and i remember waking up with Wati and Keitta slept next to me in the garden. I had the world’s worst hangover!
Next week, I am going to go deep with my relationships with each of the housemates. You can’t miss this.
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