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goldHotshots; Idris, Macky2 and JJ are clearly feeling the pressure courtesy of the presence of the “Originals”. This morning, the threesome sat down and discussed one of the latest additions, Vimbai’s character with all of them agreeing that they didn’t like her character as she came off as a pretender. JJ concluded that she was a “professional gold digger”. Nhlanhla and Sheillah joined the discussion with the former saying that Vimbai wasn’t humble something Zimbabweans are known to be.

JJ vented that all she did in the house was to be all over Uti who won the BBA All stars edition, reasoning that she was a professional gold digger who was after the Nigerian’s money, Macky2 agreed with him saying that she was indeed after the money.

JJ continued to share that Vimbai was a disgrace to Zimbabwe as she hardly cleaned nor cooked but was after upsetting other people in the house. Nhlanhla said that she was also self centered while Sheillah said that she wasn’t as humble as Zimbabweans.

It surely seems JJ is all out to oust his fellow Zimbabwean from the show, time will tell how he relates with her at least until Sunday.

What do you think?

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