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mamoTime Check;08:00: Biggie plays some loud music to wake up the sleepy heads, Butterphly adds another blanket.


Time Check;08:15: Ma’m Bea, Luclay and Trezagah bond in the kitchen.


Time Check;08:20: The exercise session is on in the garden with Instructor Mamo helping the housemates let out a little sweat, just what they needed after the Wager victory last night..


Time Check;08:25: Elikem is a morale booster of sorts, encouraging others during the work out. Is he the “Assistant Instructor?”


Time Check;08:39: The boys work out with the weights.


Time Check;08:50: The exercise session ends, Sulu chats up a storm with Feza outside.


Time Check;09:02: Tayo sings Permithias’ song “Do wake me up, if you see me fall…”


Time Check;09:04: Ma’m Bea continues with the cleaning in the kitchen.


Time Check;09:09: Sheillah and partner in crime Nhlanhla are in the kitchen preparing breakfast.


Time Check;09:15: JJ lays his bed, that warning from Figgie must still be fresh in housemates’ minds.


Time Check;09:22: Ellah gives JJ a back massage.


Time Check;09:24: Idris joins masseuse Ellah and playfully rubs JJ’s back, he starts complaining.


Time Check;09:27: Ellah is looking forward to party on Friday. She explains to Sulu how the weekend will be.


Time Check;09:30: Sulu shares with Ellah and Butterphly that he’s traveled to most of his fellow former ex housemates’ countries though sometimes he foots his travel bills.


Time Check;09:38: Ellah turns to Sulu and massages his legs. If it’s not pleasure then it must be pain going by the sound the Zambian ex housemate is letting out as the Queen goes on with her duty.


Time Check;09:39: Ellah asks Trezagah how phrases “I love you, This is crazy and This is beautiful” are said in Portuguese.


Time Check;09:45: Sulu chats to country man Macky2. The other boys get ready for the day ahead.


Time Check;09:47: Ellah gives JJ ahug, the Zim boy is in bed.


Time Check;09:48: Housemates are cautioned about wearing the mics correctly.


Time Check;09:49: Ma’m Bea reminds Elikem that they need to polish their song.


Time Check;09:52: Ma’m Bea, the lady carries on with her cleaning duties.


Time Check;10:04: Housemates are told to take their task props to the store room.


Time Check;10:18: A huge breakfast brews in the kitchen as housemates flock in.


Time Check;10:24: Ellah, Idris and Butterphly still in the bedroom, the Queen applies make up.


Time Check;10:25: Leonel tells Denzel that he wants to visit Nigeria because he misses the local foods.


Time Check;10:30: Tayo and Luclay agree that there wouldn’t be any problems in the world if everyone was happy and contented.


Time Check;10:32: Butterphly turns into a rapper of sorts as she raps outside.


Time Check;10:38: Idris has a little altercation with Butterphly and Ellah.


Time Check;10:42: Sheillah applies make up.


Time Check;10:43: Ellah helps Goitse apply make up.


B233x4ECcAAkkV1Time Check;10:49: Diary sessions start early today with Luclay, he says he’s having fun in the house with other “Originals.” He thinks Tayo should win the money.


Time Check;10:59: Trezagah says he didn’t expect to win the Wager.


Time Check;11:05: Sipe and Natasha go through their song.


B23-F-pCAAAo2L1Time Check;11:10: Idris says Butterphly and Ellah are perturbed by the way he mingles with other H/Ms thereby “abandoning” them.


B23-jMJCAAAWEYaTime Check;11:22: Denzel says they’ve run out of alcohol.


Time Check;11:29: Leonel says Hotshots are too serious and need to loosen up.


TAYTime Check;11:40: Tayo calls Uti the big fish as regards his leaving or staying in the game come Sunday.


Time Check;11:45: Nhlanhla says Vimbai is getting on the girls nerves and loves drama.


sheillahTime Check;11:53: Sheillah feels happy today and is trying to deal with negative energies.


Time Check;12:17:  Natasha admires Ma’m Bea’s jewelry.


Time Check;12:25: Macky2 feels Tayo should be given a chance because Uti had his.


elikemTime Check;12:32: Elikem says he wears the measuring tape because he’s very practical and it show the kind of work he does.


Time Check;12:43: Uti talks about people impersonating him on social media and warns them.


Time Check;13:00: Miss P inquires from Biggie whether he’s happy with the way they are playing the game as exes. Biggie says they are doing a superb job.


Time Check;13:10: Ellah talks about her fading relationship with Vimbai and doesn’t agree with the way she carries herself and cant be friends with her.


Time Check;13:20: Ma’m Bea says she’s learning from Elikem and is looking forward to working with him in the future.


Time Check;13:28: Sipe feels irrespective of Vimbai’s fights with other housemates, she’s a cool person.


freedTime Check;14:25: Sheillah and Nhlanhla’s punishment is over. Sheillah is excited.


Time Check;14:36: Luclay and Goitse bond, these two have ‘naturally’ connected for days.


Time Check;14:40: Luclay is called to the DR, he says how many times today and Goitse jokes “You’re getting a strike.”


Time Check;14:41: Tayo sings “If your happy and you know, clap your hands…”


Time Check;14:48: Natasha and Sipe go through their Zambia inspired song.


Time Check;14:57: Denzel massages Sipe’s legs.


Time Check;15:01: Sipe tells Denzel to come to Malawi, seems the massage is working on her big time.


Time Check;15:29: Idris and Goitse are in the kitchen, Goitse is cooking up a storm.


Time Check;15:30: Sheillah is called to the DR.


Time Check;15:38: Feza is off with her mission, getting up-close with Macky2, we wonder how Sipe feels or whether she’ll succeed.


Time Check;15:39: There’s an announcement to pass on, Sheillah and her assistant Elikem ready to brief the housemates. The recording is on and the winning housemates/team will win a trip to the country they’ll have sung about.


Time Check;15:44: Sheillah is called back to the DR, she asks her assistant to reread the recording brief.


Time Check;16:24: The Tailor takes a nap on the couch.


Time Check;16:24: It’s meal time, where have all these housemates been?


Time Check;16:42: Denzel and Ellah work on their song.


Time Check;17:13: Sulu, Feza and Miss P chat up a storm in the kitchen, Sulu is really hilarious.


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