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butterPlaying the Big Brother game like the “Originals” should be very relaxing and entertaining going by the way they have turned the house upside down for four days now.

Last night, Vimbai approached fellow Zimbabwean Butterphly who was pouring herself a shot of vodka and she reasoned that it was wise to share alcohol because whoever never shared it was an alcoholic. As if directly being labelled an alcoholic, Butterphly lost it storming away and confiding in fellow Hotshot Ellah that Vimbai had called her an alcoholic.

Ellah who has already had her share of Vimbai’s tease games shared that the Zimbabwean’s manners were unbearable as she’d picked on her countless times without any valid reasons.

This morning Vimbai also talked about Butterphly’s cattiness in the game and not being able to bathe in a bucket, all these seems to rub off on housemates the wrong way.

Do you think Butterphly over reacted or Vimbai truly meant it that she was an alcoholic?

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