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Nhlanhla_zps7b5931a5Since last night when Nhlanhla and Sheillah had an altercations, they’ve given each other space and it seems their egos are at play currently. In case you missed it; Nhlanhla expressed his disappointment at the way his ‘lady love’ was behaving towards the male ex housemates, according to Nhlanhla, such behavior was a direct slap in his face and some kind of disrespect to him as a man. The Botswana beauty had to even shed tears after Nhlanhla continued to shout and scold her.

3rd_medThis morning as he did his laundry outside, the South Africa lad seemed to still be hurting from the whole incident sharing with JJ ands Idris that Sheillah was actingh cheap towards the male exes. During the conversation, he even said she had an evil heart and was fake. He further said that he was chilled and would leave her alone because he felt he couldn’t count on her any more.

The boys sided and reasoned with him stressing that Sheillah had put her game in jeapardy courtesy of her mingling with male ex housemates.

Ever since the exes stepped foot in the house, Nhlanhla is clearly one of the Hotshots who have been kicked out of their comfort zones as he won’t stop venting, reiterating, complaining, discussing and feeling sad.

Do you think Nhlanhla is blowing things out of proportion bearing in mind that it’s just a game and such twists should be expected?

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