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normal_n_158Butterphly’s Nomination diary; 

1. Sheillah because they don’t vibe, she tried but it’s not working.

2. Macky2 because they are not close and he’s competition.

Ellah’s Nomination diary;

1. Tayo because he is a strong contender and has the ability to beat her on the game.

2. Sheillah because she is competition, both beauty queens.

Goitse’s Nomination diary; 

1. JJ because he was too sure of what was going on when the fake housemates came in. Meaning he is too aware of what is going on around him.

2. Tayo because she doesn’t trust him and he is competition.

Idris’ Nomination diary; 

1. Sheillah because she is having random tantrums and a bit unstable with her personality.

2. Tayo because he pretends to be a victim in certain events, and he is tired of that.

JJ’s Nomination diary; 

1. Goitse because she is the one he is least close to in the house, and she has changed a lot since the fake housemates came in.

2. Sipe because she hasn’t been on the chopping block enough.

Macky2’s Nomination diary; 

1. Tayo because he is strong in the game and feels he is competition.

2. Nhlanhla because he is competition and might be the one that will keep him away from the money.

Mam Bea’s Nomination diary; 

1. Goitse because she changes a lot during the week and isn’t useful in the game.

2. Macky2 because he is competition.

Nhlanhla’s Nomination diary; 

1. Macky2 because he is competition.

2. Idris because he has the highest potential to win and if it was between him and Idris, people will vote Idris instead of him.

Sheillah’s Nomination diary; 

1. Idris because he is a very competitive person, which is very dangerous for her if he is still in the game.

2. Sipe because she is a diva and a competitor as well.

Sipe’s Nomination diary; 

1. JJ because he is her competition, and will not be happy when he is with her in the finals.

2. Goitse because she changed her character a lot, and she wasn’t real to herself and the housemates. She feels Goitse uses people to play her game.

Tayo’s Nomination diary;

1. Macky2 because when the fake housemates came the vibe in the house changed, but he was the only one that didn’t change.

2. Idris because he believed the fake housemates wasn’t real and was true to his words.

Trezagah’s Nomination diary;

1. Butterphly because she lost his bandana and he asked her to look for it and she didn’t. Also because she is always with the camera phone and doesn’t want to release it.

2. Sipe because she changed her character a lot last week.

Total: Tayo and Macky2 (4), Idris, Goitse, Sipe and Sheillah (3), JJ (2), Butterphly and Nhlanhla (1), Trezagah, Ma’m Bea and Ellah (0).

Who will the HoH add to the list?

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