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She’s in her final moments of being pregnant and she’s enjoyed the journey thus far and her followers have equally enjoyed the ride as she’s always been updating them with every detail of the baby-bump.

Sierra Leone’s Zainab Sheriff who featured on Big Brother Africa ‘StarGame’ 2012 going out unceremoniously after that awkward fight with Ghanaian DKB, also revealed that she got pregnant at 16 years and regrets the moment.
The model and movie actress who’s taking a break for now is soon dropping the ban or should we say bans? After all she’s prays that she drops twins.
Zainab flaunting her ‘booty’

In her own words, sexy Zainab said: “Omg. Look at the size of my stomach, so cool. Excuse me but I have nothing better to do than to sit around being pregnant and taking pictures. If I’m lucky enough I will get twins.

Well, we wish her all the best and hopefully she puts to bed safely!



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