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thereIt was such a crazy night yesterday as Biggie’s  prank came to an end but left the poor Hotshots in utter shock with some of them (Tayo, Goitse and Ma’m Bea) being reduced to tears. Fortunately, Biggie tried cheering them up when he opened the store room and drinks started flowing like never before.

Housemates also seem to have been brought together by the shocking events, the girls found solace in the boys’ arms with Idris comforting an inconsolable Goitse but forgetting that Ellah was also emotional and probably needed him, she however opted for JJ to give her some warmth and a kiss.

Tis morning, life had to continue as housemates were taken through a voice session. Trezagah decided to dodge this one even though he’d woken up early, maybe the fact that he’s automatically up is eating him up pretty fast!

The rest of the nominees will be announced tonight but most importantly, the HoH task (the most valuable by far) is on a little later today, we wonder who will win it and who will be added to the nomination list.

Share with us what you think about the upcoming HoH task.

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