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perme1Permithias is finally back in Namibia where he has been extremely busy and is glad to be home. He says that it has been back-to-back interviews with television, radio and printed media. He sounded very upbeat and positive as only Permithias can.

Ever the entrepeneur, Permithias has started a company “purely for my music” called Relative Music Inc. He is going into the studio next week to start recording his album. On the subject of the exes going into the house, he had mixed feelings about it as he would have liked to be in the house with some of the personalities but he also thinks that it would have been madness if he had still been there.

He mentioned that Samantha would be going to Namibia soon to visit him and is going to collaborate with him on some tracks for his new album. “I am getting it done done,” he enthused. He said that he really appreciates the love and support that Africa has given him and he aims on entertaining Africa for years to come.

The house has certainly missed his beautiful voice and mischievous spirit. With such an amazing and versatile talent, we are sure to hear from this artist for decades to come.

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