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Butterfreeze_zpsd3d84b5dThe Freeze task continued today and as expectd, more tears and emotions filled the house for a second or so when Butterphly’s mother checked in.

Prior to her entrance, Biggie first called Butterphly to the Diary room, as soon as she stood up and started walking out of the house, Biggie told housemates to freeze. Seconds later, Butterphly’s mother entered the house mentioning housemates’ names; Goitse, Tayo, JJ and greeting them, she wished them well and gave them words of encouragement. “You are doing a great job. You are almost out,” she said.

She soon joined her daughter, sat down and started by telling her how proud she’s of her game, encoraged her to keep being herself. She also told her that her (Butterphly’s) child was doing just fine and forwarded lots of greetings from home. All the while, a beaming yet frozen Butterphly maintained her composure. After about five minutes, the gong went off and her mother left the house, housemates were told to unfreeze and Butterphly went to the shower crying with JJ and Ellah going in to make her feel better.

Afterwards, Butterphly was back to her jollyself sharing the whole experience and speaking about her family with other housemates.

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