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mummIdris is the latest housemate to receive a post card from home after his mother dropped by following on the heels of Butterphly’s mother who visited earlier on.

After taking over from Biggie today, Figgie instructed housemates to Freeze, while others were caught up inside the house, Idris, Sipe, Macky2 and a couple of others were relaxing outside with the Tanzanian lad particulary standing. Shortly after, his mother gracefully walked in, greeted the housemates who were nearby and stood close to his beloved son telling him: “I’m proud of you my son. Be good all the time. Be kind all the time. Be careful all the time and behave all the time.” She also told him that his Aunties back home were happy and proud of him.

His mother didn’t wait for the gong to go as she wished him and other housemates well and walked out of the house. Shortly after, Figgie instructed housemates to unfreeze and Idris went straight and sat down in the make-shift gym. Tayo came running and jokingly told him: “You want to cry. Cry” through hearty giggles.

However, Idris seemed perturbed by his mother telling him “Behave” a couple of times. He thought he was probably doing something wrong while other housemates advised that she could have meant something else.

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