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trewifeUnlike the past few days when Biggie would bring in Housemates’ relatives later in the day, today, they were taken aback at by the morning freeze after Trezagah’s girlfriend was sent in.

The gorgeous lady spoke passionately in Portuguese with a wild smile while a beaming Trezagah helplessly maintained his a composure throughout the whole session. She briefly switched to English saying: “You are my king. You are my boyfriend. You are my everything.”

There’s no doubt she’s her number one fan, she exhibited a high level of enthusiasm and expressed how happy she was seeing him again and also delivered some messages from home, talking about Trezagah’s child and all. She danced around him and almost touched and kissed him.

She must be watching him all day everyday, he also greeted Tayo with swag “Big ups” and told Ellah “I love you!

Shortly after, she exited the house and Trezagah screamed on top of his voice saying “Thanks Biggie!” Housemates hugged  and congratulated him and asked him what she’d said in Portuguese. Trezagah said she’s said she loved him, his son missed him and that Africa was watching and voting for him. Trezagah saw it befitting to grab a glass of wine in excitement.

What did you make of today’s Freeze?

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