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live blog day 55_medTime Check;08:30: Insructor Reggie is in the house to take housemates through a much needed exercise session whilst Butterphly opts to take her routine nap.

Time Check;09:01: Ellah plays masseuse for Idris.

Time Check;09:21: Sipe and Macky2 pillow-talk.

Time Check;09:31: Idris flirts and compliments Sipe’s eyes, she blushes.

Time Check;10:06: Nhlanhla and Sheillah talk food, these two surely are in love with FOOD!

Time Check;10:17: Ellah shares with JJ that she’s looking forward to a visit from her mother.

ellah mom_77f1457d-4e75-4fe0-8665-315dd26d6a8c_281429102856036Time Check;10:27: “Housemates, Freeze,” Ellah’s mother in the house, she gives her words of encouragement and wisdom.

sipe mom_77f1457d-4e75-4fe0-8665-315dd26d6a8c_481429104847223Time Check;10:27: Before Ellah recovers, Sipe’s mum is sent right in, she has a heart to heart with her daughter and Sipe cries after she leaves.

Time Check;10:47: Goitse comforts Sipe after she gets emotional after her mother’s visit.

Time Check;11:05: Goitse and Sipe discuss visiting ex Hotshots after the show.

Time Check;11:21: Ellah apologizes to her family for her drinking.

idris and tayo_77f1457d-4e75-4fe0-8665-315dd26d6a8c_401429124018716Time Check;11:47: Idris is concerned about Ellah’s mother telling her to stop kissing in reference to their relationship.

Time Check;12:17: Goitse and Sipe talk about a scenario where all housemates’ friends and family would get together in the house.

Time Check;12:40: Macky2 helps out Idris and Tayo with their rap verse in time for tonight’s Extravaganza presentations.

Time Check;12:57: A domesticated Ma’m Bea cleans up a storm in the kitchen whilst other housemates  carry on with the Extravaganza preparations.

Time Check;13:27: Housemates discuss previous BBA winners as Ellah and Idris flirt up a storm.

Time Check;13:47: Ellah and Idris talk about their impeding eviction tomorrow.

Time Check;14:02: Ellah shares with Idris about some home vibes.

Time Check;14:22: Nhlanhla prepares himself a sarmie.

Time Check;14:36: Nhlanhla plays back a track by Diamond Platnumz on the Tecno phone.

Time Check;15:02: Hotshots discuss the Channel O Music Video Awards going down tonight.

Time Check;15:40: Ellah and Butterphly perfect their song in time for the Extravaganza.

team fally_77f1457d-4e75-4fe0-8665-315dd26d6a8c_301429163048562Time Check;16:05: Fally and Diamond share more ideas with the excited housemates.

Time Check;16:25: After serious rehearsals, it’s time for Fally and Diamond to leave the house.

Time Check;1642: Goitse wonders why it was her sister who came in instead of her mum for the freeze task.

Time Check;17:11: Sipe is clearly irritated by her team and Macky2 advises her not to talk too much.

Time Check;17:20: Housemates are told to make their way to the auditorius in time for their Extravaganza rehearsals.

Time Check;17:24: Housemate make their way to the auditorium.

Time Check;17:28: As other housemates enter the auditorium, Macky2 and Sipe opt to stay in the lounge and bond.

Time Check;17:32: Idris, Tayo and Nhlanhla busy with “Cocoa Na Chocolate” song in the garden.

Time Check;17:42: Nhlanhla dances and carries the weights in between.

Time Check;18:00: It’s team Diamond to take over the auditorium.

Time Check;18:20: Team Diamond get it on with the rehearsals at the auditorium.

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