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laveedaThis season of Big Brother has registered an equal share as regards the HoH crown with both genders taking it home four times each something that surely shows that the ladies (especially) came not to play games but to compete and do away with a scenario where the men would at times dominate.

The show is in it’s 9th and final week, we’ve had eight HoH tasks, however, this week there won’t be HoH simply because Biggie wants all the finalists to co-manage the house.

Going down memory lane, the first ever Hotshots HoH was Tanzanian saxophonist Laveda whose performace during the opening show won her the conveted crown something that assured her of safety for at least two weeks in the house only to be evicted shortly after. The second week also saw another lady in South African Samantha take over the seat and it seemed like the ladies were indeed wearing the pants in the house instead only for Nhlanhla, Samantha’s country mate to change the dynamics with his triumph in the third week. His win was followed by two more men winning the crown with JJ and Idris repping well in the fourth and fifth week respectively. The ladies were back at the top when Sipe won the HoH task in the sixth week and her win surely rubbed off on Sheillah the right way as she also bagged the HoH task in the 7th week. The climax was when Zambian rapper Macky2 won arguably the most important HoH task of the season as he was nominated but the win put him off the block something that landed him in the 7th December much anticipated grand finale.

Both the ladies and men shared the spoils with each gender taking four crowns home. Such a competitive season we’ve had by far! With hardly five days to the end of the show, we can only anticipate more drama.

Who has been your best HoH this season?

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