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collage diaies re_medJust like Africa, Biggie must have noticed that the Hotshots were not carrying their weights as regards entertaining Africa in the final week and tasked them to explain whether they’d be entertained had they been on the outside.

Idris said that he surely wouldn’t be entertained with all the sleeping evident in the house but pointed out that they will do all they can to showcase more energies because Africa deserves it. He also said that he together with JJ had been doing quite well with their adopted characters and hoped that they were entertaining Africa.

Macky2 also reasoned that the finalists were currently not entertaining because they were tasked to portray other housemates’ characters which were hard giving himself as an example; mimicking Mira who was evicted in the first week was not easy because he’s to recollect her behavior from the first week that are not easy to spot.

The rest of the bunch shared the same sentiments reasoning that currently the house is boring because the finalists were probably regaining lost energies as they’ve been around for a longer time.

At some point today, the house seemed like a grave yard as no voices would be heard with all the finalists sleeping up a storm until Biggie called them for their diaries.

What’s your take on this week? Are the 8 finalists so boring for our liking?

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