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As rumors continue to make rounds as regards the return of top reality TV show Big Brother Africa 2016, there’s a new segment of news we landed on and it’s eye-catching if you ask me.
Former housemate; Uganda’s Kyle Duncan Kushaba or only known as Kyle who competed during the ‘Stargame’ edition in 2012 shared with his followers on social media that indeed the show is on this year and returns in July!
We are yet to confirm his claims but he’s one of those well placed sources though we can’t trust his word to the maximum.
We can only wait on time to find out whether his claims are/were indeed true but as expected fans are excited by this very ‘positive news’.
According to Kyle, a Television presenter and singer the show may have an “All-Stars” filled house with the likes of himself, Jannette, Keagan, Keitta, Roki, Sulu, Nando among others, making a come back.
Fingers crossed!



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