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us vs them_medIt seems the house is currently divided into two groups; the three “suckers” (JJ, Idris and Nhlanhla) and the rest of the housemates (Tayo, Macky2, Butterphly, Sipe and Ma’m Bea) if housemates’ revelations in the Diary room this afternoon are anything to go by.

It all started when JJ and Nhlanhla moved all housemates’ bags from the bedroom to the garden the previous night something that all of them thought was uncalled for even if they were doing it just for fun.

Tayo shared with Biggie that he’s decided to be a loner lately because he didn’t want to get into any confrontations with people and when he decided to open up, JJ and Nhlanhla pulled jokes on him something that got to him and felt like they were being insensitive to others.

Sipe told Biggie that she didn’t like the pranks the “suckers” were pulling on other housemates and said that they were acting like “Kids in a Nursery school”. She felt that the trio were doing all for the votes since the finale is near. Butterphly also shared her feelings towards the “suckers” saying that it was okay having fun this week but felt that they should have limits and not go beyond the line.

Meanwhile, the housemates’ new characters have somewhat tried to change dynamics in the house with Nhlanhla playing Denzel and trying to pull off all those antics, Denzel style. Macky2 said that he would have loved to play Tayo and be able to “give him a taste of his own medicine.”

What’s your take on the suckers?

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