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housemates_zpsb0373740This week, housemates will be adapting to new characters – taking on ex -housemates’ personalities and doing their best to mimick their ways of talking, walking, dressing, behavior and all. By far, JJ and Idris have taken on this particular task well no wonder even other housemates have been impressed by the duo’s performance.

Today, housemates had to once again line up and take out names from the Ninja’s hat; Nhlanhla picked Sulu much to his own excitement. Nhlanhla has by far done a great job impersonating the likes of Denzel yesterday. Playing Sulu shouldn’t be an uphill task either as the Zambian’s humor is somewhat similar to that of Denzel.

Ma’m Bea who in the past impersonated Biggie will today be acting up as Mozambican ex-housemate Leonel who is known for his calm but rather outspokenness persona. It will be interesting to see how she pulls off this adopted personality.

Cool Macky2 will have to become a comic if he hopes to pull off Kenyan ex-Hotshot Sabina’s personality. Yesterday, he impersonated Mira something he admitted to being hard for him and being a comedienne may not be easy as well but we shall wait and see how he performes today. Butterphly will have to be Reggie the exercise instructor, we all know she’s kind of lazy when it comes to morning routines and we wonder how she’ll pull of this one. JJ will be Miss P while Idris will play Arthur.

Tayo was so excited to have picked Permithias and quickly got into character singing the Namibian’s song “Do wake me up, if you see me fall, don’t let me go coz my heart is made of gold…”

Who do you think will pull off today’s task?

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