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fight_medIn the morning, Biggie let off some jams which played a for a while much to the excitement of some of the housemates. Butterphly in particular was smitten by the vibes; singing and dancing along but her happy moment would soon come to a stand off with Macky2 who felt she was just making noise.

It all started when the Zambian rapper made himself the usual breakfask – consisting of mainly noodles and peas, which he’d the courtesy to share with Tayo who was happy with the gesture as he was hungry. Shortly after, he (Macky2) retreated to the bedroom where Butterphly was singing and dancing up a storm. Macky2 sat on his bed and started eating his breakfast but it seems Butterphly’s session with the music was not allowing for his smooth digestion of his food as he yelled at her telling her that she was making noise.

The Zimbabwean radio personality in return told him off that he was the one disrupting her happy moment, reasoning that he would have gone to the garden or better still stayed in the kitchen.

Macky2 then asked JJ if some people were crunky to which the latter simply paid a deaf ear and continued dressing up for the day. Macky2 then asked Butterphly if she was simply in a bad mood but she just ignored him too.

What did you make of the little fight between the two Hotshots?

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