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tayo sleeps_77f1457d-4e75-4fe0-8665-315dd26d6a8c_341405173407737Towards the end of anything it was important for one to take stock, quieten down and reflect on the journey. This was where Tayo’s frame of mind lay. Ever since he got word on Sunday that he had made it to the top eight he had elected to look inwards, and not outwards, for the answers. He took something of a vow of silence.

After an emotional journey with more than enough clashes to put anyone on edge, maybe this wasn’t a bad idea on his part. In his diary sessions he would lace lyrically about how while some of the other housemates were running around as loud mouthed and mischievous as ever he wasn’t going to change a stich of his character. He thus elected to stay away from the all the drama and cavorting by keeping to himself.

If M’am Bea wasn’t by his side then he was content in a corner all by his lonesome. He often found solace by beating his frustrations out on his precious Djembe drum. This simmered down version of Tayo was a far cry from who we’d come to know over the past weeks. But then again, in his own defence he had was often scape goated or betrayed by many of those close to him. He, and anyone else, had all the right to be sensitive to their environment.

It could be argued, however, that he was bending to the environment and not thriving in it. If anyone had gone through a lot in the house it was Tayo, but too if anyone had changed the most Tayo was one of those candidates.

In a week where everyone was selling their brands to the continent; some on a more rampant campaign than others, Tayo was standing out in his own way. It remains to be seen whether it would do him good or cost him in the end.

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