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dreaIt’s one of very final days in the Big Brother Hotshots house and it’s only ideal and natural for housemates to start talking about life after the show whose curtains come down tomorrow evening. By the look of things, most of the them want to venture into the entertainment world something that is probably a nice move basing on the pace the industry in Africa is growing.

Housemates were coming to the realisation that their time on the show was certainly not in vain, whether they took the money home or not. They were already winners with all the exposure to opportunity they had already received. This morning Idris sat down with theButterphly as she attended to a mountain of laundry and the two friends shared their hopes, dreams and plans when the leave the house tomorrow.

Butterphly came in a wordsmith and showed Africa just how talented a poet she was. While she wasn’t quite sure where she would start but she was going to venture into music and get her business idea’s off the ground. She had certainly made her mark as one of the brightest sparks and communicators inside the house.

Idris wanted a comedy show all to himself. He was shooting for the stars with his talent as comic and one day hoped his show could land a slot in an international comedy channel like Comedy Central. He advised Butterphly to write for as many mediums as she could on the outside .

Butterphly however advised Idris that he could make a good co-presenter because he’s very funny but the Tanzanian lad wanted a show of his own and said he’d persue it.

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