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macky_77f1457d-4e75-4fe0-8665-315dd26d6a8c_151406161537927As the housemates gather around for the final Extravaganza rehearsals, their commitment to the last hurrah was palpable. With only the top eight left there were no teams and it was really about how housemates were going to create a unified whole performance while adding their own individual flavour to it. Their rapping and rhyming was taking on good shape for tomorrow night.

In line with this week’s theme, looking back to their journey over the season, each housemate was tasked here to come up with an extravaganza piece that spoke to how they have grown and what they are going to take away from the experience.

With M’am Bea carrying the song with her sweet melody and Tayo feeding a proudly African and edgy djembe beat to the track the rest laid their respective verses on the tune. From Sipe expressing her gratitude and honour at being a Hotshot to Butterphly and Macky2 speaking to their highlights in the game through a natural flair for the spoken word everyone was primed to bring their A-game at the last extravaganza performance.

In the style of a hip hop cypher – which historically brought together musician, poets, MC’s, rappers and wordsmiths alike so each could tell their own story in the whole –  the housemates turned rappers were going to affirm just why they were heavyweights having come so far in the game.

Who do you think will pull off a stunner at the final show?

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