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bit and idir_medThe end was near and with it performances, facades, pretences and perhaps even strategies were falling by the wayside. What was interesting to see was how the remaining eight – well factions of them at least – had eased into a comfortable space, so comfortable with one another they almost resembled a dysfunctional family.

Idris and Butterphly were a typical case in point. The two friends were often frank with one another, able to the laugh at themselves and at each other.

They were also not too shy to tell one another just where to jump off which often made for funny bickering as they threw shot after shot at one another.

If it wasn’t Idris accusing Butterphly of talking like a “cheese girl” with a pointed anglicised accent, it was her yelling over her voice to drown out his drivel. Idris often got the backing of his bandits Nhlanhla and JJ while Butterphly got honourary member, or rather “suckateer”, in their boys club The Three Suckers. She was always able to stand her ground with him while she grounded him by not buying into his ego-driven emotional trips.

This morning while the pair were cleaning up the garden they got into it yet again, this time with Butterphly taking the upper hand. It was all very funny and endearing to see. After surviving Idris’s add when he was Head of House there little to no doubt that this pair were as close as two peas in a pot.

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