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Here’s a first look at Zainab’s little one, a.k.a. “Baby Boy”!!! Unfortunately Baby Boy’s face was hidden in what we call an “Elikem” styled photo 

Oops! (Coughs…remember how Elikem hid baby Tristan for months until he could hide no more from the Big Brother family? …hahaha! Charlie please Ooo! Don’t tell Elikem!! “In our Ghanaian voice”)

Well even though we can’t see Baby Boys face, you can tell he is such a cutie!

We all remember the Sierra Leone actress and model as well as Representative at 2012 reality TV show of Big Brother Africa:‘Stargame’, Zainab O Sheriff sharing some breath taking shots on social media few months back showing off the five or so old baby bump and trust us, she’s now enjoying life with her baby boy….Though the boy always hide his face from the bright morning light!

“He always hide his face from the bright morning light, he don know these mornings are bright because of him… #kombralife #myboy.” Zainab captioned in her recent post.

The star, Now days she’s busy shopping clothes for her boy though she’s over charged.

“Yesterday I went junx shopping for baby boy and I but OMG wae dem people ya kaetch for charge me ??. I thought junx is suppose to be cheaper but I guess wrong… Oh well it was worth it nevertheless. Shopping therapy, Salone Mall, Kabia lot.” She wrote on her Instagram.zan

Well besides that, Zainah doesn’t miss to hit the Mosque….She had to pose for that selfie!pos pos



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