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The 63-day search for the ultimate Hotshot ended with the crowning of Idris.

The season has been full of ups and downs. We thought we’d go down memory lane for a look at some of the quotes that really stood out throughout the season.

Who could forget that nail-biting moment when IK announced the winner of Big Brother Hotshots?


Whether it was his charm, his cute boyish looks or that infectious laugh, this sucker sure made an impression. His heart-warming plea to Africa got him the top prize.


The Top 2 had their tiff so maybe Idris’s display of frankness also showed that he could stand up for himself:


The Housemates also went down memory lane and it’s funny how the tables turned as Tayo played Frankie. I mean who could forget their fight?


Tayo told people exactly what he thought of them and maybe this honesty contributed to him making it into the Top 2.


This was not Tayo’s only confrontation. There was also a beating of chests in the first few weeks. Marking their territory perhaps?


Tayo also had a favourite phrase he’d throw into his fights. It was more like a rhetorical question.


It was not always war in the house. Remember the good old days when Idris was setting up romantic dates and wooing Goitse? How can we forget?


The lady in question, Goitse, did not reciprocate his feelings. However, she faced one of her worst fears during the freeze tasks. She was faced with her fear for little people:


The frustration of the situation really got to Idris and he received punishment for kicking the door.


Ellah got her feelings involved but ended up with a broken heart because of Idris. She learned the hard way that these things do happen in this game.


Of course we were going to include one of the biggest pranks of the season when Biggie brought in 10 former Housemates to wreak havoc in the house:


It was quite a sight to behold as the former Housemates put on their best acts and changed the weather in the house and all we could do was laugh.


There was havoc in the house from before the former Housemates came into the house when the twerk queen Lillian lost her rap book. It’s true, you don’t want to mess with a woman.


One of the last ladies standing, Sipe, also had a run in with Frankie. She didn’t like that he was playing around and showed another side to her:


We will certainly miss our Hotshots.

Source from DSTV



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