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gbig_brother_hotshots_finale_14NOW a celebrity with money to his name Idris Sultan is quick to mention that without his fans he would not have made it.

The calm and collected super star told journalists in Dar es Salaam on Thursday his aim while in the Big Brother House was to make it to the top five and the fact that he won was a bonus.

Pressed to explain what he meant by giving back the prize to Africa, Idris said he intends to do something for the youth of Africa and not just Tanzania alone.

He said at the moment he has no concrete plans and he is listening to advice from well wishers but to be honest he has nothing on the drawing board.

Talking about youth, he said if one has to make a change then the youth are the best people to propel change and he would like to be considered a role model for youth.

Asked what strategy he had while in the Big Brother House, he said he made a point to be real and did not put on an act. Furthermore, he had decided from day one to have fun.

As the questions for the journalists started getting personal he was asked if he had set the platform for a serious relationship from his liaisons in the Big Brother House.

Idris made it very clear that Ella from Uganda is a special friend and he has no intention of losing the friendship by taking it to another level. He did reveal that the one person he misses most from the TV show is Samantha.

Idris now 300,000 US dollars richer had a stiff competition towards the end from Nigeria’s Tayo Faniran who some people thought had become a rival of sorts.

Setting the record straight Idris said Tayo and he are great friends and as true friends they are frank with each other even if it means having a showdown.

At the finals, Idris received five country votes and these were from Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, while Tayo received two country votes from Nigeria and Mozambique.

According to Idris, one of the major challenges was wondering how viewers actually thought of him. Cut off for all forms of communication with the outside world one had no idea what viewers had in mind.

Before entering the Big Brother House he got varied pieces of advice but at the end of the day he explained one had to rely on their own gut feelings.

The 21-year-old photographer beat 25 housemates to the money over nine weeks, gaining the nickname “Mr Lover Man” from fans because of his behaviour in the house.

Big Brother Africa 9 (also known as Big Brother Africa: Hotshots) was the ninth season of the reality television series produced by Endemol for M-Net.

Production of Season 9 had to be put on hold as the Big Brother house in Highlands North, Johannesburg burnt down. Fortunately no one was injured in the blaze, which currently has an unknown cause.

It was a great feeling knowing that after celebrating the launch in Dar es Salaam at the Serena Hotel we now have a second Big Brother winner back home and looking every bit a hot shot.



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