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Idris_and_Samantha_TanzaniaBig Brother Africa Hotshots South African rep Samantha turned a year yesterday and while she received lots of messages from family, close pals and fans, she also got a lovely one from her “bestie” Idris Sultan, the eventual winner of the 9th edition of the reality show.

Check out Idris’ birthday message to Sammy;

sammy“Its not the beauty,
Its not the hot body,
Its not the long sexy hair,
Its not the heavenly skin tone,
Its the smile the genuine smile the beautiful smile the laugh the moments we had and talked over hours until you fell asleep besides me. Its the strength you gave me when i had none, the way you showed me when i lost mine, the way you stood up for me when i was right or wrong. There is clearly nothing i can give you to carry the weight of all that. Am just going to smile and promise “Every time i wake up in the morning part of my job will be to make sure you smile” then the day is halfway done.



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