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hhSocialite Huddah Monroe is not taking anything for fun or for granted, and she will not mind breaking links with you if you are that type of person who cannot satisfy her financial needs.

These are not my words but from the socialite herself.

The former BBA flop has taken issue with guys who don’t talk business and whose only intention is to nag her with petty and unnecessary questions.

Huddah says she would rather spend the entire day gazing awkwardly at the sun rather than entertain stalkers and people who cannot speak money-matters.

The self-proclaimed boss chic went ahead to say:


“Some people complain that I spend so much time on my phones while in a meeting .If you ain’t talking MONEY I don’t see why I should give you my time . Id rather chat with people far away or scroll down IG or stare at the sun for 20hrs straight than listen to your interrogating ass, questioning me like “who’s ur boyfriend?” “where do u live? ” “how do u make ur money?” Nosy people disgust me !! DONT WASTE my TIME , I WONT get that SHIT back! #NowYouKnow!



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